Planes are a kind of unit.


  • When a plane is on a carrier or an airfield, activate the plane with a command card, or by an "Air Sortie" card. If by the former, play an Air Test.
  • Each hex has an Air Test value. Roll that many die plus one for every adjacent enemy on the ground, plus two for every adjacent plane.
  • The plane is destroyed by a single grenade, even on land.
  • Moves up to 4 hexes and play one special action, may fly over everything, but must finish in an empty hex.
  • Planes may not go over or finish in a planes hex.
  • The enemy only gets a medal for destroying a plane if there was an adjacent enemy unit.
  • When on a carrier, may not be hit directly. It will go down with the ship.
  • Planes block the line of fire.
  • May not use the "Ambush" card.
Planes and their abilities
    Recon Rescue Gunning Kamikaze Ground Support Ground Interdiction

Fi 156 Storch

P-38 Lightning O O
F4U Corsair O O
Bf 109 O O
Yak 1 O
Yak 7 O O
Yak 9 O O
P-40 Warhawk O O
Spitfire O O
A6M Zero O O